Join an Industry Leader. Meet Great People. Do Extraordinary Work.

Innovation. Knowledge. Fulfillment. 在全球十大赌钱软件排行的职业生涯不仅仅是一份工作, 这是一个在快节奏中与优秀团队一起工作的机会, exciting environment, while helping others grow their careers.

Our team is smart, passionate, and diverse, bringing a world of experience to the table. 随着全球十大赌钱软件排行进入一个令人兴奋的增长和充满活力的转型新阶段, 全球十大赌钱软件排行正在寻找有才能的人来领导这条路. Are you one of them?

全球十大赌钱软件排行是一个提供平等就业机会的雇主. 如果您在招聘过程中有任何住宿要求 because of a disability, please send an email to or call 877-843-8733 describing the nature of your request.

Career Opportunities

Employee Benefits

Your Health

Learning Tree International is committed to providing employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week with a benefits program that is both comprehensive and competitive. 员工入职后的第一个月就有资格领取福利.

Medical coverage is through an HMO, PPO or a high-deductible plan with an HSA, 包括各种各样的医生就诊, hospitalization, and prescription coverage. 如果参加高免赔额医疗计划, Learning Tree contributes $100 per month to the employee’s Health Savings Account (subject to change). 预防保健医生的访问是免费的.

We offer Dental and Vision coverage as well. Dental coverage is a DPPO and routine dental maintenance is little to no cost for employees and dependents.

At no cost to you, you are eligible for long-term disability coverage, 如果你残疾超过13周,哪部分收入占你收入的60%, to a maximum of $10,000 per month. You may also purchase short-term disability benefits to provide 60% of your income if you are disabled for up to 13 weeks, to a maximum of $1,250 per week.

Flexible Spending Accounts are an excellent way to put aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible healthcare and daycare out-of-pocket expenses, thus providing you an income tax benefit. 全球十大赌钱软件排行提供医疗保健(高达2美元,550) and Dependent Care (up to $5,000) accounts for employee to contribute. We also offer the convenience of a debit card to pay for eligible healthcare expenses.

Because there are many other issues that may affect you and your family, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP),免费为您提供丰富的服务. 你可以寻求帮助解决个人问题, financial planning, childcare and eldercare concerns, and even help with finding pet care. 还有关于健身和健康的法律援助和指导.

除了提供广泛的健康益处,全球十大赌钱软件排行将 为您符合资格的健康/健身活动报销费用. You may receive 80% off the cost (to a maximum of $40) of a monthly membership to a health/fitness club. 全球十大赌钱软件排行还与当地健身房建立了折扣会员关系.

Your Professional Growth

It is important to Learning Tree that all of our employees have the opportunity to grow professionally and to continually improve and enhance their job skills. 全球十大赌钱软件排行将与您一起制定一个增长计划. 作为一名全球十大赌钱软件排行员工,在与你的经理协商的基础上,你可以:

Take advantage of free Learning Tree courses for you or your qualified family member

Take advantage of other job-related professional development offerings

Receive up to $5,000 per year in tuition reimbursement 与工作相关的大学课程

Your Financial Security

经济上的安全对内心的平静很重要, and Learning Tree provides additional benefits to help you reach your goals of financial security. Learning Tree提供了一个很好的401k计划. The company matches 30% of the first 6% 你的贡献和归属在四年之内完成. There are a vast number of funds to choose from ranging from lifestyle funds to aggressive stock funds. Learning Tree also offers you opportunities to learn how to make the fund choices that are right for you.

To provide further security, Learning Tree offers you term life insurance coverage (one times your annual salary) at no cost to you. (向人力资源部询问保证金额). If you prefer, you may purchase additional life insurance and/or purchase life insurance for your dependents (including domestic partners).

401k plan

Your Time Away from Work

全球十大赌钱软件排行提供了一个慷慨的休息包来刷新, 充电并处理个人事务. As a full-time employee, employees are provided Paid Time Off (PTO) up to 15 days per year (pro-rated for new hires). PTO日在5年和10年里程碑纪念日时增加.

Learning Tree每年有12个带薪假期, 包括在圣诞节和元旦期间关闭办公室. 根据岗位的不同,一些必要的人员会在假期期间工作.

We observe
holidays per year

Life at Learning Tree

在Learning Tree工作还有什么好处呢? 除了全球十大赌钱软件排行提供的所有好处之外, 全球十大赌钱软件排行也意识到工作对你的生活有多重要. 全球十大赌钱软件排行希望这是一个你愿意来工作的地方.

Learning Tree understands the challenges you face in balancing the work/life equation. Assuming core hours of 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., you are encouraged to work with your manager to set a regular daily schedule that best fits your life. Also, Learning Tree has a Remote Work program available depending on the position and the scope of work to be performed.

Office attire at Learning Tree International conform to standards of quality and style appropriate to either Business Casual Dress or Casual Dress depending on the position. Free fruit is provided daily and there are numerous employee events throughout the year to provide a chance to mingle with other exceptional Learning Tree colleagues.

Work Available

Recruitment at Learning Tree

How Do I Apply?

只需按照下面列出的步骤提交申请. Please keep in mind, 全球十大赌钱软件排行只接受通过全球十大赌钱软件排行的在线提交系统的就业兴趣.

1. 回顾全球十大赌钱软件排行网站并开始学习, 点击你感兴趣申请的具体工作. 回顾职位描述和全球十大赌钱软件排行所要求的具体资格.

2. Click on ‘apply for this job online’.

3. You will be asked to set up an account, but it is quick, 整个过程不应超过15分钟.

4. 填写所需信息,并提交简历. 你应该收到一封电子邮件,确认全球十大赌钱软件排行收到了你的申请. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact our Human Resources department.

5. 全球十大赌钱软件排行收到了许多简历为每个职位张贴. 尽管全球十大赌钱软件排行希望能亲自回复每个候选人, we are only able to respond to those who we believe fit our requirements per the posted job description.

Interview Process

After you have submitted your application, 如果你被进一步考虑, Learning Tree的招聘人员会联系你开始面试过程. 下面介绍一个典型的面试流程, 根据不同位置可能会有所不同.

1. Initially, 全球十大赌钱软件排行会联系你完成电话面试, 或者可能确认你申请中的一些信息.

2. 如果你被选中进入下一轮, you will be asked to come to our location for a live interview that includes a series of tests, 包括基本的微软产品和语法/拼写测试, and in some cases job-specific tests. At Learning Tree, we view the testing process as one piece of our recruitment process. 它给出了候选人在该职位中的长处和短处的概念.

3. In some cases we might ask you to complete additional interviews, depending on the level of position.

4. 此时,如果你被选中,全球十大赌钱软件排行会检查你的推荐信. 全球十大赌钱软件排行将在联系提供的参考资料之前与您沟通.

5. 一旦全球十大赌钱软件排行决定是否延长报价, 全球十大赌钱软件排行会得到所有必要的批准,并与你保持联系. 当然,一旦全球十大赌钱软件排行有机会,全球十大赌钱软件排行会马上联系你并提供正式的报价. 全球十大赌钱软件排行确实口头报价,然后以正式信函跟进. Offers of employment are contingent on the successful completion of a standard background check.

How To Find Us

Learning Tree Headquarters

Herndon Education and AnyWare Center
1st Floor, Suite #175
13650 Dulles Technology Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-6150
Toll-free: 1-888-THE-TREE (843-8733)


Diversity Statement

Learning Tree International promotes an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect towards difference. We are proud to respect the individuality of our employees, instructors, and candidates. Whether ethnic, cultural, religious, intellectual, ideological, political, or any other difference, our collective diversity allows us to be more creative and innovative with our training, and strengthens our global competitiveness. The more we work together and embrace our differences, the more we can offer our customer.

全球十大赌钱软件排行致力于创造一个包容的工作环境, respecting differences, 并保证所有人享有同样的权利和自由. 全球十大赌钱软件排行不同的品质是全球十大赌钱软件排行作为个体形成身份认同的基础, and all are essential to creating the vibrant community that is Learning Tree International.

Affirmative Action Statement

Learning Tree International, Inc. and Learning Tree International USA, Inc. are an AA/EEO/Veterans/Disabled Employer. 《全球十大赌钱软件排行》的复印件, Religion/National Origin and Persons with Disabilities are available for inspection at the front reception (13650 Dulles Technology Drive, Suite 400, Herndon, VA 20171) from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

全球十大赌钱软件排行致力于为残疾人提供合理的住宿条件. 如果您在招聘过程中有任何住宿要求, 请让全球十大赌钱软件排行招聘人员知道.


Learning Tree International致力于确保全球十大赌钱软件排行拥有合法的劳动力. 如果你得到了全球十大赌钱软件排行的职位, you will need to complete Form I9, 核实你的身份和在美国工作的权利. Learning Tree then electronically verifies the information and identification/documents through the USCIS E-Verify program. 有关E-Verify的更多资料,请浏览网页 or

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